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  • 100% Brand New

  • An effective anti-aging tool

  • Improve scars, stretch marks, acne, etc

  • Promote blood circulation and make your skin tighten, elastic

  • Type : Face and body derma roller

  • Function : Encourage nutrient absorption

  • Handle Material : PC + ABS

  • Needle Material : Titanium Alloy / Imported medical stainless steel

  • Needle number : 540

  • Needle length (mm) : 0.2 ; 0.25 ; 0.30 ; 0.5 ; 0.75 ; 1.0 ; 1.5 ; 2.0 ; 2.5 ; 3.0

  • Handle Colour : Black / Clear / White

  • Measurement : 13.3cm

  • Weight : 22.2g

  • Rolling Frequency

  • 0.5mm : 2-3 times a week

  • 1.0mm : Once a week

  • 1.5mm : Once every two weeks if used lightly, once every 3-4 weeks if used more vigorously

  • 2.0mm : Once every five weeks

  • Note that collagen production takes several months of skin needling before you see any real difference. Have patience and results will come.

Using Instructions:

  • 1. Clean your hands and the area to be cured thoroughly. Wipe skin and hands with anti bacterial gel.

  • 2. Rinse the roller with hot water for few seconds.

  • 3. Use some skin care products before using.

  • 4. Whilst pulling the skin taut with your free hand, toll forwards and backwards over the area to be cured.

  • 5. Roll 8-10 times in each direction (vertically, horizontally and diagonally).

  • 6. Apply enough pressure to ensure needle can penetrate the skin to their full length. Lift roller slightly after each roll to ensure needles create new micro channels in the skin.

  • 7. After treatment, wash treated area and dry with clean towel. Roller part to be washed with hot water and sterilized it with disinfectant alcohol for at least 20 minutes. After that, ensure the roller is dried before store it in the clean place.

  • Please note: There may be some bleeding after rolling but this should simply wash away. Skin will also be red and will fade away after few hours. Wait at least six hours before apply any make-up products or perfumed to the affected area. Avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Important information / Caution:

  • Disinfect before use

  • Never share your Derma Roller with anyone else

  • Do not use on children or animals

  • Not use on irritated or infected skin, fungal skin, active acne, rosacea, eczema, and etc

  • Be careful when rolling around the eyes

  • Do not use on the eyelids or lips

  • Keep the derma roller away from possible sources of contamination. Store it in its case when not in use.