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  • No Breaks. No Repetition. No Plateaus.

  • Bodyshred workouts hit every muscle in the body from every angle with every modality (strength, stability, power, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility) and utilises every fitness technique to do so - from dynamic dumbbell training to hit intervals, mega sets to plyometrics, bodyshred does it all.

Package includes:

    8 Bodyshred DVDs

    • 1. LAUNCH - Start with basics to build endurance, agility, balance and core strenght. Focus is on the chest, shoulders, arms, and quads, along with high intensity cardio bursts for a non-stop fat burner.

    • 2. RISE - Help increase stamina, speed and agility while focusing on the back, biceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

    • 3. AMPLIFY - Multi dimensional strenth moves work multiple muscle groups at the same time for optimal calorie burn.

    • 4. ESCALATE - Advanced plyometrics & instability training ratchet-up the intensity.

    • 5. CONQUER - Killer moves tap into your power, strength and balance while fierce cardio intervals maximise fat burning.

    • 6. TRIUMPH - Crazy super sets elevate your level of fitness and optimise rapid body transformation.

    • 7. ZENITH - Explosive power, increased range of motion, higher speed and greater resistance drive you to your zenith.

    • 8. APEX - Super advanced bodyweight movements fire up metabolism and sculpt the leanest physique possible.

    2 Cardio DVDs

    • 1. FIRE UP - Moderate intensity conditions the cardiovascular system all while delivering a killer cardio workout.

    • 2. IGNITE - Incinerate crazy calories per minute by cranking out this fast-paced, high-impact cardio workout.

    2 Bonus DVDs

    • 1. OPUS - Ruthless supersets are combined with the most sophisticated exercise sequencing to humble even the most well-conditioned athlete.

    • 2. MEET THE CAST & LEARN THE MOVES - Meet the cast elite athletes and learn how to perform and perfect some of the workouts toughest moves.


    • 60 Day Meal Plan

    • Bodyshred Fitness Plan/Guide

    • Bodyshred Rotational Calender